Autotuner KX3

Elecraft KXAT3 autotuner
Home made

Hands efficient eye still sees a little bit, why not assemble by yourself.
I have a pair of printed circuit boards as if someone wanted to assemble yourself.

I have a radio Elecraft KX3 and I love outings with radio and antennas to the forest, to the park, to the beach. I wanted to buy antenna tuner, unfortunately, expensive as hell, besides radio also is not cheap, but if the manufacturer put the diagrams on their website, I thought that I myself do :) Designing PCB took me with three months of free time. I made the first version of cottage-industry, it worked so I ordered the factory printed circuit boards. Working properly, tunes quickly and consumes power only when tuning. Semiconductors and capacitors bought in TME and relays on Aliexpress, so on the project I spent about PLN 250.

KXAT3 1  KXAT3 2

This was the prototype.

KXAT3 5  KXAT3 6

This is final assembled tuner.


KXAT3 3   KXAT3 4

PCB factory made


Board design was designed in a free program KiCad.

Pliki PDF>>>

Pliki Kicad >>>