Antenna W3DZZ

W3DZZ antenna
with traps on toroid cores

W3DZZ schemat


W3DZZ is a popular multi-band antenna. I decided to make it with a trap on ferrite cores because of the small size. Traps were made according to pictures and description posted on the sotabeams:

trap 40m

Core FT90-2 red, 68pF tubular capacitor cutted with sapphire nail file in order to bring the trap to resonate at the desired frequency.

trap 40m1


trap 40m 2

I connected the antenna to the current balun 1:1 with core FT114-43


The antenna is tuned properly for 80 and 40m, on the higher bands have not good swr, yet.

w3dzz 80m w3dzz 40m1 w3dzz 20m w3dzz 15m