WiFi interface

WiFi interface

wifi TS2000 5


Since most of us have laptops and uses the Internet wirelessly why not control the radio wirelessly. An idea is taken from the interface Piglet's Pignology LLC

wifi TS2000 1

The one I did for the TS-2000 radio stationary and control by the PC and the otherone to KX3 and control by tablet or phone with android.

wifi KX3

How to do it? Well, you have to buy a module USR WiFi232 from the atnel company or directly from the Chinese, plug in the power supply 3.3V and assemble in a box. On the Atnel website there are videos how to set up, but really I just had to enter through the browser on our module, switch the speed of transmission, eg: 9600 and port 7373.


The standard module having an open network, but it is better turn on WPA2 and set a  password.

wifi TS2000 3

wifi232  wifi232cat

Scheme for the TS-2000 and the second for the KX3.