Generator Si5351a

Generator Si5351a

1MHz - 160MHz  GPS


Si5351a frequency generator is synchronized by1PPS signal from the GPS receiver.
Useful as a reference to 10MHz frequency meter, spectrum analyzer or other equipment, or as a stand-alone generator.
It is also a precision watch.


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Syntezer DDS V3.2 en

Simple and cheap DDS synthesizer with LCD display. A lot of people have asked about such solution and finally I have designed It. Synthesizer board is the same size of the display, so you can easily mount them together and place in any TRX.

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Syntezer DDS V3.1 en

Building a synthesizer for some people and for my TRX Taurus I realized that I would have some additional features and some improvements. I created the next version of DDS using processor Atmega8. The system is versatile because you can choose the bandwidth that we have on the radio, you can enter an intermediate, and we can add or subtract intermediate frequecy. This eliminates the need to create multiple versions of the program, because this one fits into all possible combinations of bandwidth and crystal filter. The synthesizer has a memory setting. The system has also step display, and adjust the display brightness. DDS-board is small so it is easy to push it somewhere into the finished radio.


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